Trans-European Transport 

Welcome to our Green TEN-T Website! On this website you can find bad examples of European infrastructure projects as well as our Green Alternatives to the TEN-T.

Our aim is to:

  • Provide information about the TEN-T  for European, National and Local level
  • Enhance the discussion on TEN-T
  • Integrate European and local transport policies
  • Establish a multilevel experts online dialogue
  • Interconnect the European Greens in the transport sector
  • Connect Citizens´ Initiatives & NGOs along the proposed corridors


The revision of the TEN-T/CEF Guidelines are on the agenda of the European Parliament. The final vote will take place on Tuesday 19th of November. The revision also alters the Core Network Corridors, there will be nine instead of ten corridors. At the moment we are updating our maps, We apologize for any inconvenience or uncertainties that this update may cause.

Find out more about the revision of the TEN-T/CEF Guidelines!


Here you can find our follow up on the Alternative TEN-T Days in Innsbruck!


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