Get involved

Experience shows that citizens living near to big, unwanted and/or environmentally dangerous infrastructure projects are often affected by the same problems. We want to connect different citizen’s initiatives so that they can share their experiences with each other and foster synergies.
The European Commission focuses on a so-called Corridor approach; these corridors are supposed to be managed by coordinating bodies similar to the former priority project coordinators.
Our contribution is to offer a space where the citizen’s initiatives can be exchanged and citizens can form their own “coordinating body”.
Together with the content of the website a Twitter account and a Facebook site have been set up. These social media accounts are linked with the different citizens’ initiatives and will provide information for them.
Most of the TEN-T decisions are made introspectively within the EU institutions. The NGO European Digital Rights has made an excellent guide for activists who want to orientate themselves in the Brussels institutional maze.