Follow up on our "Alternative TEN-T Days"


During the 5th & 6th July the Greens/EFA organized their “Alternative TEN-T Days” in Innsbruck to discuss existing problems concerning the revision of the TEN-T/CEF Guidelines and to present our green alternatives.

Experts, NGOs and Citizens initiatives from all over europe discussed about the future of the european transport policy with our Greens/EFA Transport committee MEPs. The main message was that Europe should stop big, expensive and unnecessary infrastructure projects in order to foster crossborder railway links which wouldn´t cost that much and would be more economical.

During the conference several presentations about big infrastructure projects such as Stuttgart 21 or the Brenner Base Tunnel were held and also our new green TEN-T Website was launched.

The conference culminated at the Seegrube in 1900m altitude. The participants concluded the discussions of the conference and formulated the so called “Innsbruck Decleration”.


 Rewatch the conference!

Innsbruck Declaration