Big projects

Realisation of huge infrastructure projects that are proven to have a long-term economic viability and that are indispensable

Over the next few years it is very important to put measures in place that have an immediate effect on climate change. When financing projects either in the framework of the TEN-T household or by means of structural funds the Commission should have a strong focus on this. Therefore, the financing of huge projects that will not be realised within the next 15 or 20 years should not be pushed for the moment, especially when funds are scarce.

After this period and having invested a lot in local and regional infrastructure there still might remain some big gaps in the infrastructure network. Therefore after this period of reconsideration and putting additional flanking measures in place the TEN-T network should be revised.

Major projects that have been set aside should be revaluated whether they are still necessary in terms of traffic development, climate change and financial viability as well as their environmental impact. Their contribution to, and their additional value for the European single market should be looked at accurately.

If these projects still prove to have a significant importance in terms of the criteria already mentioned the EU and the Member States have to guarantee the implementation and materialisation of these projects as soon as possible. In this regard it will be essential to allocate more funds to the TEN-Ts and to consider an increase of co-financing for these indispensable projects.