Think green

Transport in Europe is unsustainable at the moment: the impact of road and air transport on climate change is still increasing; more than 30,000 people per year die prematurely in road accidents; and gas and noise emissions are a big problem for the quality of life and health of European citizens and for our natural heritage .
Although there are huge investments in infrastructure, such as the TEN-T programme, it is quite evident that especially for the environmental harmful modes of transport such as road and airborne transport are constantly gaining market share ( We want to propose some solutions in order to make transport more sustainable and to integrate the climate effects of transport.
The financial crisis is a challenge to the development of the Trans-European Transport Network. It is however also the opportunity to put forward our green alternative vision:

Think green: abandon the obsession with big, expensive and long-term projects and focus on the European added-value of smaller projects and cross-border rail links.
Act smart: transparency and civil society participation is crucial.
Save money: spend less money and minimise external, social and environmental costs.

We need Trans-European networking and coordination between green actions!