Cross financing for rail

Making use of cross financing in the framework of Eurovignette - increasing tolls
Due to the new directive on the "Eurovignette" (Directive 2006/38/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council) each member state is allowed to levy tolls and user charges for vehicles over 3.5 t (from 2012 onwards) for the use of certain infrastructure. Although the new directive underachieved it had many positive things within it. It makes the right step towards internalisation of external costs and allows member states, on the one hand, to maintain the existing infrastructure with the money received, or to cross finance infrastructure projects that are comprised by the TEN-T program and would improve the environmental situation along the parallel route as far as possible.

This especially would help to raise funds for the upgrading or the construction of new railway lines, though for the moment it is probably just a drop in the ocean.

Neverthless, in the medium-term this directive has to be amended in order to tackle the challenges of financing rail projects by means of road revenues.